Track Producer
Director of Software Development
Frank Lan, an industry veteran in Audio/Video domain, more than 20 years of experience in multimedia development. Frank joined Hulu in 2017, is now in charge of Video department in Hulu Beijing office, focusing on video research (video coding & streaming), VoD (video-on-demand) pipeline as well as playback QoS/QoE improvement. Frank leads team enabling world-class streaming user experiences to Hulu’s consumers by using algorithm-based, data-driven, and product-focused methodology. Before joining Hulu, Frank used to work for several multi-national companies like Dolby, RealNetworks and Motorola.
Track: Technology and Business Strategy
2019/08/24 14:00 - 18:10
Saffron 1
Topics in the track
Frank Lan
There is a unique ecosystem in multimedia industry. As we know the multimedia technology is keeping evolution continuously. However, sometimes it might not be crucial to achieve commercial success by using the advanced multimedia technology. Each company has its own business model as well as the unique technical team, how do we decide the multimedia technical solution in consideration of business model, so that it can actively support business success in industry? This presentation will take Hulu’s video-on-demand platform evolution as an example, to share the thinking and learning that how Hulu made balance between multimedia technology and business requirements.