Track Producer
Technical Director
A veteran of video and audio industry with experience over ten years. Engaged in video/audio-based multimedia technologies research, development and management, Wang participated or led implementation and deployment for several video/audio-based platforms owned by operators. Particularly, Wang has the expertise in video and image processing as well as content distribution network technologies for backbone and mobile networks.
Track: 5G
2019/08/23 14:00 - 18:10
Amber 1
Topics in the track
Wei Lu
5G is going to be the major driver of edge deployments. The Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) has strong potential and benefits in terms of reduction of network latency, localized video/data processing, improvement in performance of video transmission and consumption, and delivery of high-quality services. For example, large public venues are good candidate for MEC deployment. Video produced from different resources can be served to on-site users from the MEC platform, and do not require backhaul to a centralized core network and to then be returned to the user at the venue.