Track Producer
3T Cloud
Track: Multimedia and Real Time Network
2019/08/24 14:00 - 18:10
Amber 3
Topics in the track
Wei Lin
Combining with the exploration of UISEE itself, the specific requirements and application scenarios of remote control driving are introduced. The corresponding test methods and implementation schemes are briefly explained.
Mowei Wang
Recently, with the development of artificial intelligence, adaptive bitrate (ABR) algorithms begin to embrace machine learning techniques, showing great potential in improving the quality of experience (QoE) of video streaming applications. This lecture will summarize the development of ABR algorithm in recent years, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of DRL(Deep Reinforcement Learning)-based ABR algorithm. Finally, the application of AI-based ABR in live streaming is introduced with our experience in holding AiTrans competition.
Darren Ng
In this talk, I want to discuss the concept of congestion control fairness and how AQM might be needed to ensure a fair and high performing network.