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Stefan Lederer is a co-founder and CEO of Bitmovin, a company providing products that solve complex video problems for leading media companies worldwide – in a time where the video and television market is at an inflection point. Bitmovin serves major broadcasters, OTT services and video platforms around the globe, including ProSiebenSat1, New York Times, Sling TV, Red Bull Media House, fuboTV, Periscope, Technicolor, and others. Stefan founded Bitmovin out of research and standardization around MPEG streaming format, co-creating the MPEG-DASH standard that accounts for more than 50% of the US internet traffic today and is used by Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and others. Stefan has more than 25 research papers and 10 patents in the field of multimedia delivery and networks and was named to Forbes Austria’ 30 Under 30 List in 2017.
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Like a fine wine, video codecs get better with age as their reference and commercial encoding performance improves while device support widens. It has only been a few years since AV1’s creation and VVC is even younger, so these codecs are still hardening themselves in the market.This talk will take a look at their early progress from both a technical, adoption and hardware implementation perspective.The preliminary version of VVC is already outperforming HEVC significantly and the goal for the final version is set to reduce the bitrate compared to HEVC by another 40-50% at the same visual quality. Similarly, AV1 is also designed to compete with H.265/HEVC and is targeting an expected improvement of about 30% over VP9/HEVC with only reasonable increases in encoding and playback complexity.So how close are they to actually achieving these goals in the real world? How much are these codecs actually useable in the real world for normal customers?