Xidian University
Professor and Doctoral Supervisor
Fuzheng Yang is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Xidian University. He is the director of Xidian-Huawei Joint Research Lab of Multimedia Communications. His research interests mainly focus on multimedia communications, including the coding, processing and trasmission of multimedia, i.e., video, VR panoramic video, point cloud, light field and etc., with the related quality assessment addressed. He has published more than 100 academic papers and over 50 invention patents granted .
Tracks he partipates
His topics
VR services have very high demand for bandwidth and computing resources, which are challenges for the independent HMD terminals. The current mainstream of VR over Internet lies in two aspects, 360 degree panorama video and VR games. They have different practical solutions for streaming. For panorama video transmission, tile-based viewpoint-dependent framework comes out as an practical solution, which significantly reduces the high requirement in bandwidth, while exposed to the problem of limited decoding resources. An overall optimization is needed, involving system framework, code stream fusion, fast switching, quality measurement and other technologies. VR games resort to the cloud based interactive VR system, which reduces the demand for high computing resources, while facing the challenge of low delay. A joint design of the transmission mechanism, distortion measure, playback strategy, display strategy and etc. is the key to its solution.