Netease YunXin
Senior Engineer of Audio and Video
Lei Xiao, senior engineer of Audio and Video in Netease YunXin. Graduated from Xiamen University. More than 10 years of experience in the field of communication transmission.Has been engaged in development of high-end routing switch QOS, 3G and 4G's signaling and data transmission of communication equipment, flow control and data high reliability transmission for P2P CDN, is now committed to QOS research of real-time audio and video field, by optimizing congestion control algorithm, to provide users with high Real-time audio and video services with high bandwidth utilization, low latency and strong anti-jitter capability.
Tracks he partipates
His topics
This presentation is suitable for developers who are engaged in network transmission and have a certain understanding of network congestion control methods.This presentation will detail the bbr congestion control algorithm and its application in real-time audio and video. First introduce the background of bbr congestion control algorithm, then the bbr congestion control algorithm and its evolution are introduced in detail. Finally, the effect of bbr application in the real-time audio and video field is explained.If the audience is an audio and video transmission practitioner, they will be interested in using the bbr congestion control algorithm to improve the QOS of the product.