Technical Expert
Ye Tianxiao, Technical Expert, Bilibili Inc. Tianxiao received the B.S. degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the M.E degree from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. Since joining Bilibili in 2018, Tianxiao helped to developed H.265 software encoder, which is deployed in Bilibili offline and online video transcoder. Prior to joining Bilibili, he led video and algorithm teams in Arcsoft, Qiniu, and PPTV. He has 10+ years R&D experience in video codec software/algorithm development, pre-procesing, post-processing, and video quality assessment.
Tracks he partipates
His topics
A H.265 software encoder, named as Yhevc, is developed by Bilibili and is used in offline and online video transcoder. Several algorithms are developed to optimize existing pipeline and improve video experience.