Kwai Inc.
Head of Video Technology
Yu Bing, Head of Video Technology, Kwai Inc. Bing joined Kwai Inc. (Kwai is the top mobile video app in China, it has become world’s largest live video platform in 2018) in 2016. Since joining Kwai, Bing helped to build a world-class tech team with members from Beijing, Shenzhen, San Diego and Silicon Valley. The team’s mission is to use most advanced media technology & data driven concept to improve Kwai's end-to-end experience in internet scale. Prior to joining Kwai, he has worked in the video industry for 12+ years, led video and infrastructure teams at multinational tech companies such as Hulu and FreeWheel, and also served as co-founder & CTO in video technology startups. Bing graduated from Tsinghua University in 2006 with B.S. & Master's degree.
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