Principal Research Engineer
Yueshi Shen, Principal Research Engineer, Twitch (part of Amazon) Dr. Yueshi Shen is in charge of Twitch's core video technologies. He initiated and built a number of Twitch’s core video capabilities, e.g., cost-effectively live-video transcoding farm supporting over 100,000 concurrent channels, live ABR playback algorithm designed for highly interactive content, HLS-based low-latency (<5s) live HTTP streaming. Prior to Twitch, Dr. Shen led the development of General Dynamics Mediaware’s award-winning H.264/TS ad splicing system and Ambarella’s H.264/SVC codec firmware. He also developed OnLive’s <100ms-latency video streaming technology for their cloud gaming service. Dr. Shen is the inventor of AV1’s SWITCH_FRAME and has filed 15 patents.